Kris Buytaert

Linux and Open Source Consultant

He’s one of instigators of the devops movement, currently working for Inuits.
He is frequently speaking at, or organizing different international conferences and has written about the same subjects in different Books, Papers and Articles

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Cristina Popescu

Intel Romania

Cristina works as an intern in the Android Security QA team inside Intel company and she is also studying at The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science in the first year of Security of Complex Networks master program.

Andrei Vasiliu

Intel Romania

Software Engineer at Intel since 2013. Associate Teaching Assistant at Politehnica University of Bucharest.
He is part of the IoT Performance Optimizations Team @ Intel Romania Software Development Center

Sorin Peste

Microsoft Romania

Sorin is interested in all the things technology can do to make our lives better and more fun.
Specifically, he is keen to find out about – and play with – the latest and greatest on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

Mihai Tătăran


Mihai is General Manager of Avaelgo, a software consulting and custom development company based in Romania, and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional on Azure. Lately Mihai had an extensive experience with Azure: completed solutions for different customers, and delivering the Microsoft trainings on Azure for partners in Romania. One of those projects made it to a Case Study on website, and his company Avaelgo was nominated as Cloud SME of the Month in Europe, May 2012.  He also organizes ITCamp.


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Bogdan Ripa

Vector Watch

Bogdan founded his first startup when he was only 21 years old. He started offering consultancy for websites, web apps, ERP systems and analytics tools. But, entrepreneur at heart, he wanted something more challenging and decided to make a shift and start building his own software products. Six years later, the company he created was bought by Adobe, where he worked in engineering and product management. Presently, Bogdan is Product Direct at Vector Watch, delivering excellent experiences for their customers.

Adrian Furtuna

KPMG Romania

Adrian is a builder and a breaker. He loves to see how things work and why they work that way, always trying to improve and optimize.
With 10+ years of experience in information security, Adrian is a well known member of the Romanian information security community. Over the last 6 years, he has been teaching penetration testing and ethical hacking classes at MTA and UPB master programs and he also talked at multiple local and international security conferences.

Andreea Florescu

Software Engineer

Andrei Petcu

Developer, Cegeka

Octavian Moraru

Intel Romania

Constantin Musca

Intel Romania

Software engineer passionate about embedded systems working at Intel in the Brillo OS team.

Adrian Belgun

Intel Romania

Software Engineer at Intel Romania. Contributor to Open Source projects on which Chrome OS is based upon. Passionate about Graphics, GPGPU and HPC.

Florin Papa

Intel Romania

Florin is a MSc student at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, specializing in Complex Computer Networks Security. He is a Software Engineer at Intel, working in the Dynamic Server Languages Optimization Team on the CPython project.

Alecsandru Patrascu

Intel Romania

Alex is a Ph.D. in the field on Cloud Computing Security and graduated the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest. He is currently working at Intel Romania in the Dynamic Server Languages Optimization Team on the CPython and Node.JS interpreters.

Radu Velea

Intel Romania

Software engineer at Intel Romania since 2011. Graduated MSc. Politehnica of Bucharest in 2013. Currently undergoing a Phd. at the Military Technical Academy in Bucharest.

Petre Eftime

Intel Romania

Software Engineer at Intel Romania.

Lucian Ghinda


Lucian has 10+ years of experience in IT field and 7+ years experience in training. Over the past years he’s been involved in multiple local and international software development projects (automated hosting), as well as in personal and professional mentorship projects.

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